Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Pins For Sale....Come Shop!

  I have finely had time to get this blog going.So here are some new things for you to buy.All the things posted today are needle felted from 100%  wool, old buttons and beads.
  Above is a sweet little Owl pen that is 2" tall.The wings are added on with buttons and the eyes a mismatched buttons.
Price: $15.00 Sold

 Funny Green Face pin with mismatched button eyes and green beaded hair.
Price $ 15.00

  This cute little Elephant Doll is 5" tall when standing.Each leg is attached with old buttons.Wool fabric is used in the ears and mismatched buttons  eyes.
Price $35.00

 New Space Alien pin. Pink wool with one big eye and little beaded antennas.
Price $ 15.00

If Pigs could Fly!Pin. Wooden legs,copper wire tail and little white wings. Price $15.00 sold
 Skull Head Pin. Spooky! Mismatched button eyes. Price 15.00
 "Bite Me" pin. Fun red lips with fangs. Price 12.00 SOLD
 Crazy Face pin. Gray wool, mismatched button eyes and beaded hair. Price $ 15.00 sold
 Funny Bugged Eyed Face pin. Multicolored face and bright red tongue. Price$ 15.00
Purple Alien pin.Big buggy eye and buck teeth. Price$12.00 SOLD
6'" Giraffe Doll.  Yellow and brown wool. Legs attached with buttons. Wool fabric nose and mismatched button eyes.
 Price$ 35.00 SOLD
 White Chicken pin.Price $ 15.00 SOLD
 Owl on Spool. Soft green wool with wool fabric beak,mismatched button eyes.Wings are attached with old buttons.Sits on a old wooden spool.

Price $  25.00 SOLD

Rug Hooking Sheep pin.Wooden legs and beaded words. Price $ 15.00
 Purple and Green Flower pin. 100% wool  and needle felted. Price $ 12.00

This crazy little guy has a black and red Mohawk.Face is yellow with mismatched button eyes.
Price $15.00

Pinky  the pig pin has little wooden legs,a copper wire tale and beaded eyes. Price $ 15.00
This wild guy has big buggy eyes, multicolored hair and a big buck tooth. Price$ 15.00 sold
Everyone needs a slug in their life.Bright blue body with multicolored strip around tail.
Big buggy eyes and big kissy lips. Price$15.00 sold


  1. I'm loving the aliens and the giraffe! XD

  2. Hey Lady,
    It was great meeting you today at the Eureka Springs art show. Looking forward to seeing you again soon and if you didn't sell that great blue and green stripped muffin guy, I may have to take him home next time I see you to guard my stash.

  3. Traci with a "I" love you Sis.

    Tracy with a "Y" it was great meeting you too.Maybe we can get together next time I am in Eureka Springs.